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Torque Controlled Motorised Cable Reeling Drum
Stall Torque Motor Operated Cable Relling Drum
  Squirrel Cage Stall Torque Motor    Operated Cable Reeling Drum
  Slipring Stall Torque Motor    Operated Cable Reeling Drum
Slipringless Spring Operated Cable Reeling Drum
Slipring Collector Columns
Cable Drag Chain
Resistance Box
Questionnaire For Cable Reeling Drum
Questionnaire For Cable Drag Chain



Cable Reeling Drums are Developed for automatic reeling & unreeling of flexible trailing cables & transferring ground ( Fixed ) supply to movable machines, whose travel is mostly on track.

Type of Cable Reeling Drums

Cable Reeling Drum with Spring Drive.

Mitool Reeling Drums are powered by Clock type Springs and rotating on sealed for life time sealed bearings, Mitool reeling drums offer a convenient, cost effective means of supplying power to Mobile machines. Mitool Reels are fabricated in heavy gauge Mild steel Sheets. Standard way of finish is powder coating. Standard slipring assemblies accommodate composite cables combining up to 200 Amps power with control signals. These drums recover & store the cable in multiple layers on the drum, spring operated Drums can be used for horizontal, Catenary of cables, Vertical pull & DC magnet reels.

Spring Operated Cable Reeling Drum
Spring Operated Crd With Bracket / Junctionbox
Spring Operated Cable Reeling Drum
Spring Operated Cable Reeling Drum With Bracket & Junctionbox

Types of Reeling Lays

  • Monospiral Lay

  • Random Lay

  • Standard Lay

  • Pallrel Lay

Types of Most common ways of Installing the reels

  • Horizontal Recovery - End Feed

  • Horizontal Recovery - Centre Feed

  • Horizontal Catenary

  • Horizontal Drag

  • Vertical Pull

  • Vertical Recovery

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