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Permanent Overband Magnetic Separators


The Permanent Overband Magnetic Separator is an innovation with many advantages over the Electro Magnetic Overband Separator.

"MITOOL" Overband Magnetic Separators is effective for the continuous, automatic extraction & discharge of tramp iron from heavy burden depths of material being conveyed on fast moving belts.

Ensure safety of the process equipment such as crusher, pulverisers, conveyor belts etc. by removing tramp iron from the raw material under process and thereby prevent damage and sparks that cause fires and explosions.

By removing iron contamination of non-ferrous material including end products purification process is conducted

Recover scrap with resale value by reclaiming ferrous materials

Valuable tools, machine parts, cutter tools etc. can be salvaged.


The permanent Overband Magnetic Separator can be suspended over and ahead of the head pulley or almost anywhere along the conveyor line. Permanent Overband Magnetic Separator should be installed in such a way that it will cover Material Trajectory.


• Magnetism is permanent.
• Magnet operates at no extra cost.
• Magnet holds iron if plant power fails.
• No wiring for magnet


Permanent Magnetic Overband Magnetic separators are available to suit all standard conveyor widths for operating heights upto 300 mm. Trajectory will be calculated as per the Head Pulley Diameter & Belt Speed.

Application for all our Product is Same : Steel Plant , Cement Plants, Power Plants, Infra Structure, Pharamceutical, Chemical, Fertilizer, Cosmetic, Food, Packaging , Mines, Minerals, Waste management, Water Treatment Plant Recycling,